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Home financing can be a critical part of any real estate transaction. Below you will find some outstanding mortgage information that may be able to help you with the purchase of your next Colorado home.
Different Types of Real Estate Home Loans
Getting the right type of real estate home loan is an important part of the home buying process. In this section of my website I have put together some basic information regarding the types of real estate home loans that are common in the market today.
Fixed-rate Mortgages. Fixed rate mortgages are mortgage where the interest rate stays the same for the entire term of the loan. The advantage to a fixed rate mortgage is that if you lock a relatively low rate, your payment won't go up when rates do.
Adjustable-Rate Mortgages. With an adjustable rate mortgage, the rate of the loan can change throughout the term of the loan. The rate of the loan is based on adding points to a fixed base.
Hybrid Loans. A hybrid loan combines a fixed period along with an adjustable component. Usually these loans are fixed for a period of time and then the loan becomes adjustable where it is dependent on current rates.
FHA real estate home loans. An FHA loan is a loan in the United States that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration.
VA real estate home loans. A VA loan is a loan in the United States guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. The loan may be issued by qualified lenders. The VA was designed to offer long-term financing to American Veterans or to their surviving spouses. 

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Real estate is our specialty. Using this mortgage section can help you understand just what it takes to have a successful real estate transaction.


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